Braelin G. Thornton was introduced to financial planning - and Northwestern Mutual – early in life. Her father owned a business, and talked about ‘numbers’ often (he was even a client of Northwestern). So, it was natural for her to pursue her B.S. in accounting, from Alfred University. While her career path did not lead directly to Northwestern Mutual, she did begin working there in 2012, for a financial advisor. She says working for another advisor helped her learn the systems - figuring out numbers, the terminology, the business culture. It’s that background that enabled her progress to her current, role at Northwestern Mutual as a Wealth Management Advisor

Braelin works with clients to help them define their vision of a secure financial future. She also takes pride in quality over quantity. It may sound cliché, but she says mindset determines everything. She finds greater success with clients who truly want to devote the time and energy into securing their financial future. She prides herself on providing a personal and specialized approach for every client's unique situation.She understands that the best way to achieve your financial goals is to identify your current financial picture with your future financial goals. By listing your goals and objectives, identifying your assets and liabilities, and comparing what you have to what you want, she works with clients to help them define their vision of a secure financial future, focusing on providing solutions in line with that vision, and working towards achieving results.

Braelin has earned a number awards, including 2nd in the East during her first year as a financial planner, and then #4 of women in the East for premiums, in 2017.



Originally from the Upper Valley in New Hampshire, Braelin joined Northwestern Mutual in 2012. Prior to beginning her business as a financial advisor, she had 7 years of experience in financial services; she is well versed in holistic planning and prides herself on providing a personal and specialized approach for every client's unique situation. Braelin’s skills, values and expertise enables her to define and help achieve her client’s vision of a secure financial future. Braelin grew up with financial discussions in the forefront. As her dad owned his own business, money talk was dinner talk, and she learned early in life, the value of saving money for the future. It was honest and open with her family, but not something she would share with friends. But now Braelin prides herself on sharing those personal experiences, even her own finances, with her clients. Because finances are emotional. Relatable. And it’s those experiences that make her who she is. She describes how at 14-years- old, her parents gave her a choice of going to summer camp or getting a job. The catch is that she would have to find that job and the transportation to get there. But if she did, they would match dollar for dollar, what she put into her Roth IRA. So, she rode her bike to a local tomato farm. She didn’t fit the profile of a tomato picker, and in fact, she was afraid of snakes and heights (and those tomato plants were tall). She managed to make $6,000 that summer. The $2,000 she put into savings, her parents matched as promised.  That determination and discipline established the framework for the successful financial advisor she is today.



Braelin describes her greatest professional accomplishment as helping women find their voice. And she’s doing that by changing the perception of a female business leader. Yes, you can run a business successfully while being a mom and even an athlete. She says too many women are caught up in the ‘I can’t” mentality. But she is proof it can happen, and wants to be a leader for other women, to show them that it is possible. Women have trouble finding empowerment with their money. And she says, education is power.

That’s why she serves as a mentor – frequently taking calls from other female advisors looking for advice, or just a pep talk. And it’s how she relates to her clients. She gives the analogy that cleaning up your finances is a lot like cleaning out your closet. You have to make a mess first – piling up clothes all over the room. But once everything is put back organized, you feel good about it.

There’s no doubt she is busy, and it’s not easy. She trained for the Ironman during her first year in the business, and had a child in her second year. She still has to adjust her work around her child’s schedule; keeping her son to a routine can take priority over a business meeting. 

But Braelin says once you figure out your finances, your goals, your life is yours to live. She calls it life by design. Her goal – to help other women discover how to make it happen. 


M.B.A Union College

B.S. in Accounting Alfred University


Series 7

Series 66



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